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What is a Voicethread?


Voicethread is an asynchronous discussion tool that easily allows for users to record audio and add text to images collaboratively. 


How does it work?


In short, the creator of a Voicethread uploads media  (video, pictures, or documents) to the Voicethread website and then threads the media together via a commenting function.  Others can also be invited to join the conversation by viewing the media slides and adding their own comments.


Why use Voicethread?

  • Dramatically change the way you and your students engage with media
  • Re-envision lectures
  • Commenting function via multiple avenues reaches a variety of learners
  • Ability to integrate pictures, video, and audio




Signing Up for an Account


Create a Voicethread


What is Culture?


  • Great comment sentence starters from: http://digitallyspeaking.pbwiki.com/Voicethread
    • This reminds me of…
    • This is similar to…
    • I wonder…
    • I realized…
    • I noticed…
    • You can relate this to…
    • I’d like to know…
    • I’m surprised that…
    • If I were , I would
    • If then _
    • Although it seems…
    • I’m not sure that…


Ways to use Voicethread


Think Pair Share



  • Enhance online teaching
  • Creates dynamic vocal instructions
  • Employment interviews (to assess progress in a simulation)
  • Workplace observations (take pictures and record observations)
  • Reflection
  • Internal audit - changing policy and procedures. 
  • Replacing online discussion board posts
  • Greater sense of accountability
  • Medical terminology - practicing pronunciation
  • Linking on campus classes with in person classes
  • Foreign Language tool - have students respond in a foreign language
  • Commenting on screenshots
  • Giving feedback on graded assignments
  • Playing a video of an opera in a foreign language
  • Using other tools (such as Gapminder) within a Voicethread
  • Online class group work
  • Produce a wiki and lead a discussion through VT
  • Icebraker
  • Evaluating images/screenshots
  • Accountability for group effort
  • Dynamic portfolios
  • Share work

      •    Professional Development (for teachers, video, images)
    •    Training, encouraging conversation (screenshots)
    •    Virtual tours
    •    Simulations, reflections
    •    Science lab reports (pictures, audio comments)
    •    Icebreaker (get to know you, using video)
    •    Interactive Powerpoint (upload slides as images, have students comment)
    •    Conversations surrounding computer hardware
    •    Troubleshooting/video computer problems (VT tech support, FAQ)
    •    Book club discussions (movie trailers)
    •    Teaching math/accounting concepts
    •    Contextualizing/situating poetry (author, setting
    •    Replacement for traditional discussion boards (pros/cons, debate




Create your own


Group Project: What does culture mean to you?


In groups of 2-3 people. Find an image that represents your culture. Have one person in the group upload it to their VT account. Once published, have every group member comment on the image and explain how it represents their culture.







  • Built-in
  • Headphone (recommended!)





Example Voicethreads & Resources:

Bill Ferriter (Wake County Teacher at Salem Middle School) in Edutopia Magazine




Voicethread Tutorial for Instructors

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