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How do we define a game?

  • fun
  • objective/goal
  • winners and losers
  • rules

How do we define an "online" or "computer" game?

  • don't have to be "physically" present together
  • you can play aginst computer
  • can't cheat

What is Scratch?


Why would I use Scratch in the classroom?



Example Projects





Quiz with Scoring




Matching Game




Timeline Game



Demo of Scratch:


  • Interface


  • Snapping Blocks
    • Block Types
  • Making a Sprite move
    • Sprites vs. Costumes
    • Adding Sprites
  • Changing Background
  • X/Y Axis


Building a Game Activity

  • Groups of 2
  • Three types of games
    • Guessing game (will need microphone)
    • Collide
    • Maze



  • characters
  • customization
  • hands-on
  • not as hard as you thought it would be
  • enjoyed
  • free
  • constantly change
  • neater
  • takes a long time
  • background knowledge



Reference Guide

Scratch Cards



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