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Have you heard of a wiki? Do you want to create them in your classroom, but don’t know where to start? Come explore the wiki resources available online for educators (including PB Works, Wikispaces, & Wetpaint ), and the unique ways to incoporate them into your lessons. Harness the power of the Read/Write Web for group assignments, thematic units and much more!

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Wikis in Plain English


What is a Wiki?

Wiki Wiki is Hawaiian word for fast. The word "wiki" was used to imply how fast and easy it would be to create web pages. Multiple users can edit the same page online.


Why would I want to use a wiki?

  • To make my life easier
  • To make course webpages
  • To make tutorials
  • Have my students add content
  • Storing documents
  • Linking to resources
  • Collaboration
  • Organizational tool

Dissecting a Wiki

  • Front Page
  • Discussions (or Comments)
  • History


Setting Up a Wiki





Classroom Ideas for Wikis

  • Group Projects
  • Creating an encyclopedia for your classroom
  • Collaboration between classrooms


Example Projects that use Wikis

The Time Zone Experience

AP English Class Wiki

Classroom Book Talk


Westwood Schools


Wiki Code of Conduct

Example Internet Codes of Coduct


Wiki Rubrics

Example rubric of wiki integration


Hosting Wikis on Your Servers


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