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What is a Voice Thread?

Digitally Speaking wiki on VoiceThread

VoiceThread Tutorials

Safe, Powerful & Interactive

Example VoiceThreads:

Voicethread 4 education wiki

Civil War - Carolina's Campaign

North Carolina & Kuwait

What do you need to create a VoiceThread:




  • Built-in
  • Headphone (recommended!)

Additional Resources

Avatar Creators


This one is by far one of the "safest" creators. There are no options that would make a middle schooler giggle (see WeeMee). But there are almost too many options. I would imagine my students taking forever to create their perfect image.


I like the way the WeeMee avatar looks a bit better. However, there are some options that I would not feel comfortable asking my middle schoolers or high schoolers to do, nor would I want to walk them through it.


I have to say when I first saw this I thought - no way. But I actually think this may be the best of the bunch. There are only a few options, so it won't take forever in class. There aren't any inappropriate questions, and it is just plain fun!

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