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Publishing Student Projects

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For this activity I am utilizing the story of Little Red Riding Hood, available as an online Google Book, to showcase Web 2.0 tools that work well with student generated writing.


You can also use resources on the Internet to generate images or artwork to accompany your story.  Using a basic wiki page you can add your text and embed other tools such as the ones listed blow.

Tech note: All of these tools have an "embed code section" - Copy this code and add it to your wiki page. For example, on PBWorks select "Insert Plugin" and then "HTML/Javascript". You will then be given a blank text box to copy this embedd code into. It will look weird on your page until you save.







Upload a PowerPoint into Slideshare and share it with others. 




Create a visual poster to accompany your text


Shape Collage


Upload your own pictures, or use a Google Image search to generate a variety of images to showcase the main idea of the work


Word Mosaic


ImageChef Word Mosaic - ImageChef.com


Visual Poetry


Visual Poetry - ImageChef.com


Picture Book Maker


This looks like a great resource for creating online story books that  you can share online - or print out!

Student example


Acrostic Poem


Acrostic poems are simple poems in which each the first letter of each line forms a word or phrase (vertically). An acrostic poem can describe the subject or even tell a brief story about it.




Wordle: Red Riding Hood 


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