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Civil War Digital Storytelling Project:

Telling the story of the Civil War in North Carolina.


Project Overview

As a student in North Carolina you have a unique opportunity to discover American History in your backyard.  Using a variety of Internet-based tools you and your group will create a digital story that tells the history of our state during the civil war.  Each group will be assigned a topic surrounding the civil war and using such tools as VoiceThread & CommunityWalk you will create a unique project.  Your group will be assigned a wiki to be used to gather all the resources on your topic and as the outline for your project.  Once your information has been gathered you will use either VoiceThread or CommunityWalk to present on your findings.  Website references have been given to you as a good place to start.


Group Topics:

Your wikis will link here

Raleigh during the Civil War: What role did the Capital play?

The end of the Civil War: How was NC involved?

Battles fought in NC

Sherman's Carolina's Campaign

Civil War Landmarks

The coast of NC and it's role in the Civil War


Website References:

The following websites can be used for reference and as a starting point for your research.  When you discover other websites on the Civil War that you would like to share with other groups please add them here.  All website used in your group pages should reference the site appropriately.











VoiceThread http://voicethread.com/

VoiceThread is a digital storytelling tool that enables users to record audio that is linked to images in an internet browser.  Users upload images to their thread, record their voice through the online interface and then can publish their project as an interactive slideshow. All students in the group will need to sign-up for a voicethread account so that their audio is linked individually.

What is a VoiceThread?

Example Voice Thread from Wes Fryer

Example VoiceThread on The Carolina's Campaign


Civil War StoryBoard for VoiceThread.doc (This must be complete before you begin VoiceThread Project)


CommunityWalk http://www.communitywalk.com/

CommunityWalk allows users to create interactive maps.  Areas or coordinates are tagged and users can add images and text.  This provides a geographic context for the information being presented.

Example CommunityWalk on The Carolina's Campaign


 Civil War StoryBoard for CommunityWalk.doc (This must be complete before you begin CommunityWalk Project).

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